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Recently published books on drugless and nonsurgical methods for health and treating many medical conditions

Breathing for Health Recently published Kindle EBook and Paperback – see Easy to learn and practice breathing exercises for helping many medical problems, such as: enlarged prostate, arrhythmias cancer high blood pressure or memory loss, These can work when … Continue reading

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Exercise Tips for Health Based on Science

The information presented to the public by gyms, personal trainers, Yoga instructors, Tai Chi teachers is not based on scientific facts, but is propaganda to make money.  Simple activities, requiring little training can keep you healthy.  1.  A new study … Continue reading

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Healthy Exercise for Seniors and Non-Athletes Learn about gyms, exercise, exercise equipment, Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong & not the advertised propaganda.  Strenuous or endurance exercises can be dangerous!  Scientific studies show that mild activities are beneficial for your mental … Continue reading

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Can Exercise be Dangerous, Healthy or Help Lose Weight?

Excellent physical condition is not equivalent to good health. Arnold Schwarzenegger needed to have a heart valve replaced. Jean-Claude Van Damme, a famous martial arts actor, suffers from a hearing loss. Chronic training for and competing in extreme endurance events … Continue reading

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Does Tai Chi Fight Diseases And Is It Because of Chi (Qi)?

Some people don’t attend school, some only finish grade school; other students finish high school and attend university or obtain a graduate degree.  You can find successful and happy people who have stopped learning at different levels.  Few people, even … Continue reading

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Should You Learn Yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong?

Yoga and Tai Chi have become popular worldwide.  They appear in commercials and are taught in many fitness and community centers.  Seniors and the sedentary are persuaded that Yoga and Tai Chi are ideal for their health.  In addition, Tai … Continue reading

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Weight Loss: No Exercise Diet Pills or Cost!

The title sounds too good to be true. However, it is. You can learn a recently discovered method to lose weight that requires no exercise, diet, pills or cost in about 5 minutes. The difficult part is to have the … Continue reading

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